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Web Standards Project

The Web Standards Project has a goal to ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.

Web Standards

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What Are Web Standards ?

Web Standards are guidelines and recommendations published by the W3C, which should be used by web developers to create more accessible web sites. W3C guidelines and recommendations are internationally agreed on as best practice. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is the international governing body that oversees the development of web standards such as HTML, XHTML and CSS. Sites built to meet current web standards will be more accessible and more usable.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Standards ?

There are many benefits in designing web sites that meet web standards, some of the more obvious include;

  • Faster downloading times
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More accessible to a wider range of users, including people with disabilities
  • Less time consuming to update
  • Lower bandwidth costs
  • More search engine friendly
  • More adaptable to future technology

Why Design Accessible Web Sites ?

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Accessibility Is Required By Law

The provision of information and online services through the Worldwide Web is a service covered by the Australian Disability Discrimination Act.

Equal access for people with a disability in this area is required by the DDA where it can reasonably be provided. This requirement applies to any individual or organization developing a Worldwide Web page in Australia, or placing or maintaining a Web page on an Australian server.

This includes pages developed or maintained for purposes relating to employment; education; provision of services including professional services, banking, insurance or financial services, entertainment or recreation, telecommunications services, public transport services, or government services; sale or rental of real estate; sport; activities of voluntary associations; or administration of Commonwealth laws or programs. All these are areas specifically covered by the DDA.

(Courtesy of "Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission")

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